Our Brands

Within Greenhard® 4 brands combine their strengths when
it comes to corrosion prevention:



As experts in pipeline & structural maintenance, integrity, corrosion and repair solutions, we offer an integrated and efficient approach to asset integrity management. We preserve, repair and reinstate assets, providing smarter integrated or stand-alone solutions to extend asset life, through improved planning, specialist technical input and bespoke engineered solutions. Dutchwerk works with clients demonstrating that applied, proven techniques combined with new, intelligent, integrated methodologies can cut costs, improve efficiency and deliver real value. Dutchwerk™ offers an unique combination of products and services as well as innovative use of technologies delivering:

  • Strongpipe® Engineered Composite Repairs
  • Strongpipe® Internal Weld Connection Solutions
  • Allter® Coating Services
  • Casing Filler Services
  • Ceramic steel repairs
  • Offshore Riser application
  • Fieldjoint coating services
  • Surface preparation Services
  • Linear anode installations

Dutchwerk will continue to develop our portfolio of services through a commitment to research and development ensuring our clients receive more safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet their asset integrity needs.


Vacuum Epoxy Reinforcement and Glass Shield Wrapping Systems

Strongpipe® Vacuum Epoxy Reinforcement and Glass Shield Wrapping Systems employs a more optimum reinforced clamp structure for on site installation by a vacuum process. The process utilize the negative pressure created by vacuuming to perfuse the epoxy instead of using the traditional perfusion process which injects the adhesive with positive pressure. This improvement grants a much more stable performance to the system. In the field, the operators will just need to use the vacuum pump to suck the evenly mixed high strength epoxy. Under the effect of vacuum negative pressure, the epoxy will be able to enter any tiny gaps and leave no cavity behind. The thoroughly filled epoxy composite material offers good adhesion and compressive strength. Once it is cured, the pipelines and the reinforcement  will become a single one-piece structure, and the stress on the pipelines will be effectively shared, therefore, a reliable reinforcement performance will be guaranteed.

Do you want to read more detailed and in-depth information regarding our Strongpipe Pipeline reinforcement system?

Strongpipe® Internal Welding Sleeve (IWS) is an effective of way of protecting pipeline’s internal girth weld from corrosion. The cylindrical internal sleeve protects internal girth welds from corrosion with a double set of O-rings compressed between the fitting’s outside diameter and the pipe’s internal parent coating. It is heavily used for connecting water pipelines. It saves internal coating time and money for the inside of the girth welds after welding.


We coat the world
the alternate way

Allter® is an alternative coating brand offering unique solutions to under- and above ground steel assets such as pipelines, risers, flanges, valves, storage tanks with our products Prime™, Visco-Rite™, Guard™, Tape™ and Therm™.

Allter Prime™ is a one component, ceramic polyisobutylene enriched primer formulated to provide corrosion protection to steel substrates in both maintenance and new construction situations. As a high performance anti-corrosive primer, Allter Prime™ gives maximum protection as part of any anti-corrosive coating system for aggressive environments including those found on offshore structures, petrochemical facilities, pulp and paper plants, bridges and power plants at moist substrates. Specially designed as a primer for coating systems where extended durability is required.

Allter’s emission-free and chemical inertia reflects some of our company’s main priorities. We consider it the duty of the inhabitants to take care of this planet. Allter® aims to contribute to better, safe protection of the environment where pipework, joints and installations are concerned.



Debris from dust, soot and pollen can reduce the output of photovoltaic systems and solar thermal energy modules by up to 20%. The natural power of rain, condensation and wind are nowhere near strong enough to clean the modules effectively. This is why Greenhard’s Cleaniq™ is offering high-pressure hot water cleaners which thoroughly clean solar panels with rotating brushes attached to a telescopic lance, it is possible to economically clean up to 1,500 m² of modules, depending on their design.

The surface contamination solution offers significant hydro blasting advantages over the traditional methods of sand blasting to remove marine growth, industrial coatings and corrosion.

  • Ability to work simultaneously in close proximity to other trades or maintenance processes.
  • Reduced manpower requirements and fast job delivery
  • No clean up costs for contaminated water
  • No access requirements (staging, cranes, platforms, etc.)
  • Fast, safe, clean and efficient operation